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A fantasy romance is one in which there are supernatural or magical elements or where the setting is entirely fictional. Romance is present in many fantasy tales, but that does not make them romantic fantasies. Once more, reader expectations and the desire to derive specific benefits from the books they are reading are the main focus of genres and subgenres.

Make a Combination

You need to be familiar with the genres you're working with before you begin writing a fantasy romance. Your central plot is half fantasy and half romance because the term "fantasy romance" refers to a book with multiple genres. A broad category of speculative fiction called fantasy includes both magic and adventure. It is typically set in a world other than our own, but if it is, fantastical or magical elements are added to it. The romantic relationship between your main characters is the central theme of the romance genre. A romance must end in a happy ever after or happy for the present, which sets it apart from other romantic relationship plots. It implies that the lovebirds must be together and content by the story's conclusion.

Add a Romantic Subplot

Fantasy with a romantic subplot is not the same as fantasy romance. Imagine removing the romance from the book. Is it still possible to tell the tale? It is a romantic subplot if that is the case. Let's examine my favorite Iona Wayland book, Ashes. Angela, a woman whose brother tragically passed away, is the central character in the dark fantasy book Ashes. Angela discovers the turmoil in her brother's soul.

Focus on Your Romantic Storyline

Without romance, a fantasy romance is impossible. A fantasy romance will eventually fall apart if the romance is removed, unlike a story with a romantic subplot. The Savior's Champion, a book that follows Tobias as he participates in an evil and magical tournament, is worth reading. Tobias will be married off to a woman he doesn't love if she survives the game, which is extra considering how deeply in love the other woman has made him feel.

Your Endings Should be Satisfying

The central plot of other genres besides romance is a romantic relationship. Dramas, tragedies and love stories are just a few of the genres whose central plots are romantic relationships. These genres are made to be uplifting at the end, which distinguishes romance from them. Therefore, you must have a happy afterlife. Gatekeeping and thought policing are not involved. It serves as the genre's definition. A romance without a happy afterlife is comparable to science-based science or ghost stories in terms of logic. It also holds for romantic fantasy. You're not exempt just because it's multi-genre doesn't mean you are.

Know The Difference

As we've already mentioned, there are countless subgenres of fantasy, including epic, contemporary and dark fantasy. Multi-genres are the same thing, and each subgenus has its expectations. Because of this, writing a fantasy romance differs from writing one that is straight or fantasy. Let's start by defining its differences from fantasy. The majority of fantasy will also call for world-building. However, readers will become enraged if you spend hundreds of pages in your fantasy romance describing the politics, economy, and trees.  More useful link North Goa Escorts Aerocity Russian Escorts